Dutt LED is an ISO 9001: 2015 quality certified company engaged in the design and manufacturing of LED lights. Dutt LED manufacturers a wide range of modern, highly efficient LED lights for external and internal applications.

We ensure the quality of lights by rigorous testing and in-house manufacturing facility. Every LED light withstand extreme power supply conditions of overvoltage and surges. Dutt LED has a state-of-the-art photometric laboratory which enables us to monitor all critical parameters of the lights.

We manufacture a wide range of Street LED lights, Flood Lights, Highbay lights, COB lights, Flameproof lights and a wide range of decorative lights. Our range of LED lights covers most of the outdoor and indoor applications in everyday life.

Our LED Lights are reliable, safe, energy efficient, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a Global research and manufacturing company in lighting with superior products at the best price. After emerging as the largest manufacturers of LED Lighting products in India, we further want to expand our reach in the global market and reach the same success as we achieved in India.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support a clean environment by promoting the use of energy-saving LED lights for all applications.

To associate with business partners with the objective to bring to market a wider range of lights, so that customers can be given a choice in technology and products.

Our Core Values

  • Human resource is the core of our business and we place a lot of emphasis on the same.
  • We always remain very humble and deeply indebted to God irrespective of the heights we achieve.
  • We have the most respect for the law and the environment, and the same is evident from our working.
  • Ethics have been a core value for our company and we keep away from unethical practices.
  • We strive to create a home away from home environment for our employees to increase economic outputs.

Customer Centricity

Over the years, our customer-centric approach has changed and adapted to the specific customer needs. At Dutt LED we continuously work towards new opportunities, be it in backward integration, new product development. Dutt LED is always aggressively working to increase its product offerings and is planning to have an expanded range of LED Products for General Lighting, Flameproof Lighting & Decorative lighting.